Cadbury Chocolate Factory

Special Treats Chocolate Factory Chocolate Factory

Dressed up in the Cadbury’s purple and gold livery, this crane gives the operators and their customer base a readily recognizable advantage. There are stringent requirements for operators of this crane with the advantage of backing from Australia’s leading chocolate manufacturer.

Basically, the crane operates exactly as does the Yellow Chocolate factory, but with dedicated Cadbury sounds and artwork.

The game play is very simple. The customer directs the claw over a chosen chocolate bar and drops the claw by pressing the button on top of the joystick. It is here the electronics take over, as the claw lowers and attempts to grab a chocolate bar (made easier by having rubber tips on the claws). The gantry then returns the result to locate over the mirror slide and drops its bounty onto the surface. The product, if originally picked up and held, will then slide down to the pusher system and falls mostly on the tail end of the product on the slide deck. It may then push the other products forward with the chance that one or more products at the very end of the slide deck, will topple over the end and into the prize box for collection of the customer.

Features include: two electronic multicoin acceptors, Interactive sound effects, tilt alarm, joystickcontrolled electronic menu adjustment, Electronic audit features, Strong secure cashbox mounted on floor base, facility for note acceptor, plus a host of extras.

Most importantly the Chocolate Factory generates additional income, rather than eroding other cashboxes. The reliability and popularity are second to no other.

Think about this for a moment! - every Cadbury's ad on TV, in hard print, on billboard, shop front, or anywhere else, will also be promoting your Cadbury Chocolate Factory crane.

Dimensions: 80cm W x 87cm D x 197cm H

Win n Grin Plush

Plush CGS Take One Jnr

Win n Grin Plush toy crane has taken cranes to a new level.

With graphic display and Australian designed sound effects, with no distortion, you can easily place this crane game on site alone, or with a WGA chocolate machine, and be sure of good returns with very few service calls. This game comes standard with two electronic coin mechanisms, a facility for a note acceptor and secure cashbox.

Dimensions: 80cm W x 87cm D x 197cm H


  • Stack moving cubes on top of each other in 15 levels
  • Players can make a choice to claim for a mini prize in the 11th level or proceed for a major prize
  • Secure rear cabinet fixing points
  • Flexible prize arm configurations – 2 or 3 Major Prize Arms & 3 or 4 Minor Prize Arms
  • Includes Prize/Coin door Padlock security brackets

Dimensions: 54cm W x 61cm D x 178cm H

Rebmoc Prizes:

  • MP3 Players - iPod Nano 8GB
  • Portable Consoles - Nintendo DS Lite

Movie Stars

  • Australian designed graphics
  • LCM control - User friendly programming
  • High quality cabinet
  • Lowered base for more capacity
  • Glass front panel better visibility
  • Secure prize out door
  • Cashbox security bar
  • 2 AC points - roof and base
  • Bill acceptor
  • Multi coin acceptor
  • Includes signs
  • LED side lights
  • Robust claw assembly
  • Tractor style gantry
  • Sloped Control Panel
  • Solid Back or Glass Allround

Dimensions: 105cm W x 84cm D x 205cm H

Road Trip

Road Trip Logo Road Trip

Jump In! This Road Trip takes players through three great American cities, Chicago, Denver, & Hollywood, where players are offered prizes at each of the three levels for spinning enough miles!

Step up and spin the wheel by simply pulling the handle up and giving it a big push down. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with the mileage shown on the wheel.

Scoring enough miles at Level 1 gives the players a choice to select a Small Prize or play on to Level 2 for the chance to win a Medium Prize. Win Level 2 and choose again, take the Medium Prize or play on to Level 3 where a player can win a desired Large Prize.

Dimensions: 89cm W x 81cm D x 199cm H