Internet Kiosks

Statistical evidence from government and private agencies confirm that a significant percentage of the population is still without private access to the internet and email.

pieLink Internet Kiosks

The pieLINK provides this section of the public with access to these methods of conducting business.

More importantly, the pieLINK internet kiosk could be a potential revenue producer and attract new customers to your business.

Ease of Use

The pieLINK internet kiosk is a fully self contained coin operated internet and email kiosk. A user simply inserts a coin or uses a prepaid access codes. The pieLINK software then guides them to a choice of surfing the net, sending and receiving emails or chatting on line. The pieLINKs are essentially the internet equivalent of a pay phone.


pieLINK kiosks are supported by 24 hour, 7 days a week customer support. Not that you will need it often. The pieLINK software is very reliable and easy to use.

Hardware & Software

The kiosks have a keyboard with built-in trackball. The kiosks are fully self contained with a built in timer and coin box. The internet kiosks use the robust LINUX operating system, on a Pentium class PC with custom developed hardware and software, together with a functional and user friendly web browser.