Vending Machines

Cold Drinks

Cold Drink Vending Machine Cold Drinks Dimensions

The large lit product display panel and eyecatching design maximises impulse buys.

Easy to use
Vending modules that are simple to prepare, convenient product case support, simple programming and easily-changed product and price decals.

Over fifty years of accumulated knowledge, combined with Azkoyen’s programme of continuous investment in Research and Development and the latest production techniques, means peace of mind in terms of product reliability.


Cigarette Vending Machine Cigarette Dimensions


  • Optional special lock
  • Protective hoop and continuous hinge
  • Closure with 9 anchoring points


  • Direct selection
  • Number selection
  • Large and small label holder
  • Low pedestal
  • Digital price display

Easy to use

  • Easy product reloading
  • Quick product and price label replacement