Our Service to you

Rebmoc Van

Q: What sets REBMOC apart from the rest?
A: Doing the simple things right!

In these tough economical times, as business owners and managers we have to find smarter and easier ways to generate income. At Rebmoc we provide a service that makes additional money for you, while utilising minimal space.

Rebmoc treat the industry as a business, not a hobby.

Why have more then one Operator in your venue when Rebmoc has all your needs covered.

Quality Products

We can provide all machines in the venue, ranging from:

Best stock that doesn't compromise on quality which includes exclusive use of Cadbury chocolates and licensed plush toys.

Stacker prizes include:

  • Nintendo DS
  • Apple Ipods
  • Digital Cameras
  • Mobile phones

Rebmoc buy and support the best machines in the industry, our machines are not cheap imports that are flooding the industry and ruining it.

Guarantee our machines will work for you, earning more money and buying more customer's time in your venue.


Weekly servicing, Cleaning and Refilling


Rebmoc provide venues with work safety statements and public liability of $20,000,000.00.

Revenue Generating

Guaranteed income.
Payment options

  • We will pay upfront a yearly income or
  • Rental or
  • Commissions basis.

Collection reports and commission revenue options

  • Direct debits,
  • Cheque or
  • EFT on the spot.

Trials periods and No contract options to give us an opportunity.

Rebmoc People

  • Building relationships with our clients and customers.
  • Letting your Staff know when we arrive and leave your venue.
  • Easily identified by our Uniform.
  • 28 Years of experience